Other Refereed Publications

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Other International Conference Papers with ISBN: 18

[01] Kausik Halder, Nabendu Chaki, Ranjan Dasgupta; “Design of Graph Based Model for LQ Based Adaptive Dynamic Courseware“; Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering (FECS’11) co-located with World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing (WORLDCOMP’2011); July 18-21, 2011. ISBN:1-60132-180-5

[02] Soumya Sen, Ranak Ghosh, Debanjali Paul and Nabendu Chaki; “Integrating Related XML Data into Multiple Data Warehouse Schemas“; International workshop on Software Engineering and Applications (JSE-2012); January 2-4, 2012. ISSN : 2231 – 5403.

[03] Dipankar Deb, Nabendu Chaki, Aditya Ghose; “A formal approach to service management in the rural sector”; Proceedings of the International Conference on System Engineering and Modeling (ICSEM 2011), October 2011, Mumbai, India. ISBN: To be assigned.

[04] Bibhash Roy, Suman Banik, Nabendu Chaki, Biswajit Saha; “QAODV: An AODV Based Routing Protocol for QoS Parameters”; Proceedings of the National Conference on Current Trends in Computer Science (CTCS-2010), Narosa Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Edited book: Advanced Computing Applications, Databases and Networks, pp. 249-263, February 2011. ISBN: 978-81-8487-109-8.

[05] Bidyut Biman Sarkar, Nabendu Chaki; “A Distributed Framework to Analyze the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Management Using Petri Nets”; International Conference on Traditional to Contemporary Management Practices: A Paradigm Shiftquot; New Delhi, India. “Wisdom Voyage”; Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2010. ISSN: 0975-9794.

[06] Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, Swapan Bhattacharya; “Business-Object Oriented Requirements Analysis Framework for Data Warehouses“; Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2010), San Francisco, USA, pp. 34 – 37, July 1-3, 2010. ISBN: 1-891706-26-8.

[07] Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, Swapan Bhattacharya; “Object Specification Language for Graph Based Conceptual level MultidimensionalData Model“; Proceedings of the 21st Int’l Conf. on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE 2009), USA, pp. 694-697, July 2009. ISBN: 1-891706-24-1.

[08] S. Sengupta, Nabendu Chaki, R Dasgupta; “Design of a Learning Management System on LTSA Framework”; Recent Advances in Educations and Educational Technology; 7th International Conference on Education and Educational Technology (EDU’08) Venice, Italy, pp. 65-70; November 21-23, 2008. ISBN: 978-960-474-029-1.

[09] Anirban Sarkar, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, Swapan Bhattacharya; “Measuring Quality Metrics for Object Oriented Multidimensional Conceptual Data Model“; IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, pp. 94-99; Nov. 16-18, Orlando, USA; 2008. ISBN: 978-0-88986-776-5.

[10] Kausik Haldar, Sujata Pal, Nabendu Chaki, Ranjan Dasgupta; “UML Design Approach for Learners’ Quanta based Dynamic Courseware“; International Conference on Educations and Information Technology (ICEIT 2008), San Francisco, USA, 22-24 October 2008. ISBN: 978-988-98671-0-2.

[11] Mukherjee, Shyamasree; Choudhury, Sankhayan; Nabendu Chaki; Mukhopadhyay, Debajyoti; “A Novel Algorithm towards Designing the Protocol for Generation of Secret-Key with Authentication in Collaboration (PGSAC)“; International Symposium on Information Technology Convergence (ISITC); pp. 353 – 327, Nov. 2007. ISBN: 0-7695-3045-1.

[12] R. Chaki, Nabendu Chaki; “A Scalable Barrel Shifter Topology for All Optical Networks“; 4th IASTED International Conference AsiaCSN 2007 held in Phuket, Thailand, April 2007. ISBN:978-0-88986-658-4.

[13] R. Chaki, Nabendu Chaki, U. Bhattacharya; “Performance Evaluation of the Scale Net: An Optimal Irregular Topology for All-Optical Networks“; 4th IASTED International Conference AsiaCSN 2007 held in Phuket, Thailand, April 2007. ISBN:978-0-88986-658-4.

[14] S Ray, Nabendu Chaki and R Dasgupta; “A learners’ quanta model based framework towards building dynamic web-based courseware“; Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education; Vol. I: Pedagogical Issues; pp 238-242; 2006. ISBN: 978-84-69024-71-X.

[15] A. Samaddar, S Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, S Bhattacharya; “An Efficient Fragmentation Methodology for a Distributed Graph Based Data Model”; Proceedings of the International Conference ADCOM, December 2005. ISBN: 978-8-1842-4109-9.

[16] V Berzins, Nabendu Chaki; “MTDOAG:  Module Test Drive and Output Analyzer Generator”; Monterey Workshop 2002, Venice, Italy, October, 2002. ISBN: Not Found.

[17] Nabendu Chaki, R. Dasgupta, “Learners’ Quanta: A New Approach for Web-based Curriculum Design”; IASTED International Conference IMSA, Bahamas, 1999. ISBN 0-88986-269-9.

[18] Nabendu Chaki, S. Bhattacharya, “High Level Net Modeling of Interconnection Networks”; 16th IASTED Int’l Conf. on Modeling and Simulation, Innsbruck, Austria, Feb. 1997. ISBN: 0-88986-21.

Other Refereed Publications (Selected):

 [01] Kausik Halder, Nabendu Chaki, Dasgupta R “Adaptive dynamic courseware: Analysis of Learner Quanta Graph”; Proceedings of the 2nd National Conference on Emerging Trends in Educational Informatics (ETEI-2011), NITTTR, Kolkata, India., February 2012.

[02] Chayanika Sengupta, Sankhayan Choudhury, Nabendu Chaki, “Location Aided Zone Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Network”; IEEE WIE National Symposium on Emerging Technologies, Kolkata, India, June 2007.

[03] Nabendu Chaki, R. Dasgupta; “Design of Learner Centric Web-based Courseware”; International Conference on New Challenges in Technology Education for HRD in Asia & Pacific (HRDAP 2004), pp. 223-231, Sep. 2004.

[04] S. Ray, Nabendu Chaki, R Dasgupta, “Design of an Adaptive Web-based Courseware”; IASTED International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control (ISC 2004), Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, August 23-25, 2004.

[05] S. Das, A. Thakur, T. Bose, Nabendu Chaki, “A New Adaptive, Semantically Clustered Peer-to-Peer Network Architecture”; 7th Intl. Conf. on Electronics, Information, and Communications, (ICEIC 2004), Hanoi, Vietnam, August 16-18, 2004.

[06] Nabendu Chaki, S. Bhattacharya, “Performance Analysis of Distributed Routing in N-Cube Structure”; Proceedings of XXVIII Annual Convention of the Computer Society of India on Information Technology and Globalization, Mumbai, India, pp 1-10, 1993. ISBN: 0-07462-415-6.

Technical Report with Overseas Collaborators: 03

[01] John Drummond, Valdis Berzins, Luqi, William Kemple, Mikhail Auguston, Nabendu Chaki, “Quality of Service Behavioral Model from Event Trace Analysis”; Technical Report No.(s): AD-A467762; Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, CA USA, 2002.

[02] Luqi, Shing, Chaki N., et. al., “SEA Environment for CARA Software”; Technical Report #NPS-SW-02-004, U. S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA, September 2002.

[03] Luqi, Chaki N., “An Empirical Model to Measure Dependability of a Software System”; Technical Report #NPS-SW-02-005, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA, July 2002.

Invited Talk in International Conferences: 03

[01]“A Learners’ Quanta Based Framework for Identification of Requirements and Automated Design of Dynamic Web-based Courseware”; 14th International Monterey Workshop, Monterey, California, USA, September, 2007.

[02] “Intrusion Detection: Evolution with Wireless Ad Hoc to Mesh Networks”; International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Networks (WiMoN-2010), Chennai, July 23-25, 2010.

[03] “High Level Net Modeling for Distributed Computing Systems”; International conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (COSIT), Bengaluru, January 02-04, 2011.